Bang & Olufsen has unveiled a limited edition version of its BeoVision 10-46 HD TV that sports a new colour for the speaker grille and trim. Dubbed "Chanterelle" after the biege-ish colour scheme, the new set is available in very small quantities and can be matched with similarly adorned accessories, such as the BeoLab 6002 Chanterelle floor-standing speakers and an easel stand.

Only 500 BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle TVs will be made, with numbers 8 and 88 already having been sold to Chinese customers (the number "8" is considered very lucky in Chinese culture), so B&O evangelists are urged to place their orders as soon as possible.

Apart from its new colour scheme, the TV itself is the same as the conventional BeoVision 10-46; Full HD (1080p), with edge LED backlighting and has a 200/240Hz refresh rate depending on the region. Naturally, the "46" suffix is a clue to its screen size - 46 inches - and has an integrated stereo speaker that can double as a centre speaker in a surround sound set-up (with connections all supplied on the set itself).

The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle costs £7,400, the BeoLab 6002 Chanterelle speaker £2,600, and the easel stand £360.

It's available in all B&O shops, at least until the limited run are gone. And note that the Chanterelle version of the BeoLab 6002 speaker will only be available when ordering the TV.

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