Apologies in advance if this is a bit blokeish, but we quite liked this online magazine “for all mankind” we stumbled across.

It’s unashamedly for men, and without any of the highbrow posturing and pretence you get from some other magazines that tell us what fellas need is a version of Cosmo with a bit of testosterone clumsily thrown in (if you’ll pardon the expression). It’s not. We’re quite simple creatures, so give us some simple entertainment.

Nope, at www.asylum.co.uk you’ll find funny videos and weird and wonderful stories from all corners of the online world. Pretty much everything has a tongue firmly planted in its cheek and, as is often the case, the comments are where some of the real fun lies. It’s amazing how upset people can get about things, isn’t it?

We love the random nature of some of the posts and this is fast becoming a favourite time waster here at Pocket-lint Towers.

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