The great Apple rumour-windmills of Holland are spinning wildly once again with a new iPhone 5-based nugget of info. This time it's on the product design of the handset itself - or supposed lack of it. 

According to MacRumours, the new iPhone is going to look very much the same as the previous release. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested the lack of design change, along with pointing to a September shipping to manufacturers of the golden master version of iOS 5.

It turns out the new Apple phone might not be so different after all. Kuo says that inside will be 512MB of RAM, the same as on the iPad 2's A5 chip. He also points to an "almost same" camera module height as the last iPhone, 3.5-inch display and a glass front and back. 

These specifications are very much the same as the long rumoured N94 prototype, suggesting that it may in fact be how we see the final iPhone 5 materialise. 

Big sad face if there isn't much excitement to be had on the new iPhone design front. Then again, given how rumour-filled the Apple rumour mill likes to be, we can't believe much until we have one of the handsets appear in our hands. 

Would you like a redesign? Or not?

Hunter Skipworth

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