Having recovered from IFA, the Linters find themselves on more familiar ground with this week's podcast. Or so they thought...

Stu, it transpires, was called out of the blue with one of the strangest questions a Pocket-lint team member has ever been asked: "Would you like to interview Elmo? From Sesame Street?"

Of course, we jumped at the chance and present the entire interview, Elmo rant and all.

Plus, the team, Stu, Rik and Dan, discuss the impeding invasion of the Amazon locker, the same company's first forray into the tablet market with its Kindle Tablet device, and what Dan got up to when he went to look at the teeny tiny Pentax Q camera.

So, join the team for a fur-lined podcast, where, for once, they're not the only Muppets involved.

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Note: If you're struggling to make out what Elmo's saying in the show, there's a full transcript here.