Ikea has taken Facebook connectivity to a whole new level with a specially designed YouTube video that allows you to create 3D bedrooms based on your Facebook profile.

The video reminds us slightly of Intel's Museum of Me, but that's no bad thing as both are totally awesome. 

We did of course run our own Facebook profiles through the Ikea channel to see what was created. To be honest we expected the profile based results to look more like the inside of a WW1 trench than the trendy creation Ikea put forward.

Once granted access to your Facebook profile, the YouTube based app will then ask who lives in your bedroom and create something to suit your needs. We liked our bed and the decision to use pictures of friends on the walls, but we weren't quite so fond of the super blue wallpaper. 

Anything you see that you like in the room can be picked up from the Ikea website or more product details found out by clicking on the relevant link. You can even print off a complete shopping list.

There aren't many adverts as interactive as this Ikea/Facebook/YouTube mashup, but we can't help but think companies are creating them just to get a glimpse of our Facebook interests. As directed advertising goes you can't do much better than a custom bedroom based entirely on your listed likes and dislikes.

Still though...it is bloody cool.

Like the idea of the Ikea adverts?

Hunter Skipworth

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