Finding good people to do anything can be quite a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a gardener, a nanny, a photographer, a web designer or even a CEO for your multimillion dollar global empire, it takes time, effort and more often than not, money to recruit the right person.

And all that is usually for a permanent position. If you only need somebody short-term, or for a one-off job, where do you go? could well be the answer. A sort of eBay for the creative and talented, here you can advertise your job or project and let the people with the know-how to help you bid for your business.

It’s a genius idea and is probably the next best thing to word of mouth. Judging by some of the testimonials, it looks like it could save you a packet too.

With international versions of the site also available, this is a great way to find talent from all over the world.

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