There are some blogs that just work. They hit that magic zone where you can be entertained on a level that doesn’t feel like you’re simply wasting time. And is absolutely, positively one of them.

Its primary target is the imagery that typically accompanies a gadget launch, because, for some reason, even in this day and age, there are still some shockingly naff promo pictures out there. Some of the print ads that go out are a bit dodgy too.

Think of this as a caption competition that never really ends, as one after another, day after day, a new image is dragged from a far-flung corner of the tech industry and is thrust into the spotlight to be suitably mocked.

As with many successful blogs, the most fun is to be had in the comments, where the regular readers add their observations and scathing witticisms. We love this, and we think you might too.

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