Each year Berlin becomes the focus of the entire consumer electronics industry, as the city hosts one of the world’s largest trade shows on the planet. That is the thing they call IFA.

Pronounced ee-fa by most who know her, the acronym stands for Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, which roughly translated comes out as The Berlin Radio Show - Giving an indication of how the show began life in 1926.

And IFA 2011 is now underway with the technology media, including a strong Pocket-lint contingent, arriving in Germany for the press events ahead of the big show.

We'll be furiously treading the 140,200 square metres of floor space devoted to over 1441 exhibitors at the Messe Berlin, bringing you all the news as it breaks and getting our grubby paws on all of the new kit so we can let you guys know what's what.

It's all set to be a tablet-tastic event with Toshiba, Sony, ViewSonic and others launching new tablets to take on the iPad 2, while others will be keen to show us the latest phones, cameras, televisions, and other goodies. 

But there will be plenty more going on if you're not a tablet fan - IFA has seen some pretty huge launches in the past, so expect the unexpected.

All of the big boys are there - we've already heard rumours of what Sony might be announcing, but expect to hear news from the likes of Panasonic, Sharp, Philips, Toshiba, and LG as well.

During IFA week, be sure to check our dedicated IFA site for all of the coverage at www.pocket-lint.com/ifa2011


IFA 2011 - the gadgets we're expecting to see