The idea of collecting bits of the web to read later, share, or just hoard for your own amusement isn’t exactly new, but the idea behind is a bit different.

You can "pin" anything you come across that you’d like to keep and it will be added to your board.

You can then share it with anybody you like. It’s apparently an idea that is proving popular with folks who are organising things like weddings, people who are redecorating their homes and even just people with shared interests.

It’s certainly a nice thing to look at, and by browsing through other people’s "pinboards" you can see what’s getting attention in any given field.

So if you’re planning the perfect dinner party, or maybe thinking about refreshing your wardrobe, every time you see something that tickles your fancy, you can quickly and easily pin it and come back to it later.

Apps are available too, so you can pin on the go.

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