We definitely like a good gaming sesh over at Pocket-lint, but the idea of putting in the number of man hours needed to generate a million Xbox Live achievement points seems eye-strainingly hard work.

This hasn't dissuaded gamer Raymond Cox, also known as Stallion83, who currently is sitting at over 600,000 points and aiming for the million.

His efforts have earned him the right to have his name added into the Guinness book of records, with his 511,342 points recorded on 16 November 2010. He clearly wants to build up a good lead on the competition and is now aiming for the million. 

He started point collecting on the first day of the Xbox 360's life and plans on going on for another 2 or 3 years. A cool 900 games later and Cox sees the Xbox 360 as integral a part of his life as getting out of bed in the morning.

Cox cites things like a very tolerant girlfriend and short working hours as reasons for his super-high score. We definitely like the idea of going for the million, but can you imagine a gamertag banning after an angry game of COD? Ouch...Luckily Cox hasn't managed it yet and we expect he protects that account like you would a small child. 

How many achievement points have you managed? 

Hunter Skipworth

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