I wasn’t going to watch the World Athletics Championships this time round. And for a number of reasons: the time difference for one. The fact that Team GB was unlikely to set the screen alight was another. But one of the main reasons was that the coverage wasn’t being shown on the BBC this time. Channel 4 had nabbed the rights a while back and, for me, that just seemed a bit out of sorts.

But, with the newest addition of the Hughes household flatly refusing to sleep at night, I found myself in the early hours with the remote control in one hand and a half-drunk bottle of Aptamil in the other, idly surfing the channels while my infant son dozed on my lap.

Within minutes of stumbling across Channel 4’s coverage from Daegu in South Korea, I suddenly remembered something: they’d done a brilliant job with the cricket a few years ago, and they were doing a brilliant job with the athletics now. Their coverage is simple, but thorough and for once there’s a wide spread of events coverage at all times. No potted highlights here – you get the lot, as it happens.

But, the weekend’s over and it’s back to work so I can’t sit up all night watching anymore. But I can log on to  www.channel4.com/athletics and not miss a thing. The brilliant job they do with the TV coverage is continued online, and if you’re an athletics fan, this is the place to see the action unfold.

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