It looks like Samsung itself has gone and confirmed it is going to be behind the long rumoured inbound Nexus Prime handset. Samsung has worked on the Nexus line before, as they built the Google Nexus S, so their involvement shouldn't come as any great surprise.

The new phone was mentioned in a cease and desist letter sent out to those who allegedly managed to get their hands on firmware relating to the as-yet unreleased handset.

Website posted an image of the letter that contained the Nexus Prime mention. It appears to confirm, via Samsung's own legal team, that it is behind the new Google handset. Just a tad ironic that Samsung would go and confirm a rumour whilst trying to squash it.

So has Samsung finally put an end to rumours surrounding the Nexus Prime? Most definitely not, now we know it exists, it is time to start speculating on pricing and release dates. 

Traditionally Nexus handsets fly the specs flag for any major new Android update. This means Ice Cream Sandwich and the possibility of either Samsung's own processor or something exciting from Nvidia. Either way it will likely be dual-core, but there is of course the possibility of quad-core, particularly the Kal-El we've been hearing about. 

Exciting times in the Google camp, particularly with Samsung in the driving seat for the next Nexus release. Given the strengths of the Galaxy SII, expect something pretty sweet indeed.

Excited about the Nexus Prime? 

Hunter Skipworth

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