APP OF THE DAY: Rail Maze (iPhone)

"Not another puzzle game?" we hear you cry. How on Earth is this worthy of AOTD? Well, it's got pirates in it, it's set in the Wild West and it's free - so you can stop your moaning right now. Needless to say this has everything: thrills, spills and huge amounts virtual railway track.

Rail Maze


As mentioned this new puzzle game from Spooky House Studios mixes the wild, wild, West with pirates, so you automatically know it's gonna be good - providing, that is, you like that particular combination.

You have to help a train get from start to finish in this top-down puzzler, dodging various obstacles and overcoming increasingly hard difficulties along the way.

From the start which offers simple directional puzzles, the game develops to seeing you build tunnels and bomb obstacles while dodging those dastardly pirates. Fortunately this means that interest is kept up and although the format remains roughly the same you won't find yourself getting easily bored.

Accompanied by a distinctively cowboy-themed background music (you might want to employ headphones if you're playing this on the commute) the graphics are retro-boardgame and great for a free game.

The gameplay is engaging and we'd certainly recommend hitting the "install" button on this fun freebie if you're looking to develop a new iPhone gaming addiction.