The written word. It’s come a long, long way since one bored caveman scrawled “Og woz ere” on the side of a mountain.

These days, there’s more reading material available than an army of bookworms could ever hope to get through in ten lifetimes - and that’s just in its printed form. When you factor in the online world, the mind starts to boggle at the sheer quantity of words out there.

So, budding writers have something of a challenge if they fancy trying to make anything even approaching a living from it.

At wannabe authors can find a whole suite of online tools that are designed to identify, nurture and eventually sell good writing. And it’s open to anybody who can put their mitts on a keyboard and hammer out a few sentences.

From the PageToFame section, where readers rate and review new writers’ work, through to AgentInBox, a place where new writers get to meet literary agents and maybe even bag themselves a book deal.

It’s a good place for new authors to pick up tips, inspiration and just a little confidence too.

Get scribbling.

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