Generally, duct tape (or gaffer tape, as it's otherwise known in the UK) is used for plenty of things, none of them exciting. An exposed wire in a cable? Wrap it in duct tape. A leaky pipe? Wrap it in duct tape. A kidnap victim who won't stop screaming? You get the idea...

However, US duct tape brand Duck (Duck Tape, geddit?) has released an advert that is rapidly going viral thanks to its brilliant recreation of the light cycle sequence in the original Tron. And there's a pay off at the end too, especially if you're a fan of "Tron Guy" Jay Maynard (who made his own electroluminescent Tron suit).

The rest of the video is stop motion animation, and, if nothing else, shows that there's more uses for coloured sticky-backed plastic strips than DIY or serial killing.

Excellent stuff.