Portal may not have the most expansive plot in the world, with a simple premise that relies more on ingenious puzzling action than story, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't make for a brilliant live-action movie.

And, indeed, that's what director Dan Trachtenberg, who's portfolio includes commercials for Lexus, Nike and Coca Cola, has attempted with Portal: No Escape, a 7-minute short film that brings the concept of the game into a more realistic, gritty setting.

It is nothing short of stunning, although you will need to be patient at the beginning as it's a bit of a grower. The effects, editing and wonderful ending are well worth the admission fee.

And as that admission fee is free, what are you waiting for?

Trachtenberg is definitely one to watch. As proven by South African director Neill Blomkamp, the genius behind District 9 and the Halo shorts, gaming could help carve a route through to Hollywood.

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