We see plenty of videos and supposed spy shots here at Pocket-lint. Some are very close to the mark leaving us to debate whether they are real or not, others are slightly easier to spot; and then there are the final bunch that are so fake that they are worth sharing because, well, it’s fun. 

So when a tip dropped in our inbox of the "iPhone 5 Concept Features" video from aatma studio we knew immediately that it fits into the latter category and is pure fun, fun, fun. 

We know that it’s fake because it doesn’t claim to be real, and once you start to read the specs you’ll soon realise that the they are perhaps trying to leak details of the iPhone 55 not the iPhone 5. 

So what to you get? Well according to the heavily laden CGI YouTube video, the new iPhone 5 concept comes with a sleeker iPhone design (like paper thin), a laser keyboard that projects out on the desk like the Light Touch projector - oh, and holographic projector display for watching movies. We told you. 

Still, apart from the over bearing soundtrack that makes you think you are about to have a heart attack, it’s good clean fun. 

Now grab the popcorn and press play.