APP OF THE DAY: Go Weather review (Android)

If you're an Android phone user with a phone made by anyone that isn't HTC, then you probably spend a good chunk of your time envying the weather widget found on the Taiwanese manufacturers Sense UI.

The problem is, there isn't really a free equivalent for non-HTC handsets. But Go Weather does manage to change things for the better.

Go Weather

Android Market

The first thing to get excited about is that Go Weather is skinnable, so if it's that HTC look you're going for, then you'll be pleased to see that there's a theme available to ape that design. But there are dozens more available too, all of which look pretty well-designed and should cater to most tastes.

Themes are applied, and even downloaded, via the application itself too, which makes getting a new look nice and simple. In addition to widget themes, there are also animated designs that adorn the full screen application, which runs the whole thing and gives out some more detailed information, with pretty videos to illustrate the weather.

Then there's the widget, which sits on your home screen giving you updates about the time and state of the weather. There are three possible sizes available, so you can select the one that best suits the existing layout of your phone. The little ones aren't as pretty, but they still get the information across.

Within the full-screen app, there are forecasts for the next week. Currently these are displaying the full misery and gloom of a British summer, but if you go on holiday it lights up with hope and joy, with sun and 30-degree heat predictions.

Weather geeks will enjoy the information about humidity, pressure and visibility which are all available daily, along with the temperature and sunrise/sunset times. If you're looking at the app overnight, then the theme also changes to take that into account. Unnecessary, but then so is a constant source of weather news being mainlined into your eyeballs.

The best bit of all though, is that this terrific little app is free. And not only that, but it brings a level of customisation not possible on the iPhone too, which should annoy a few people. If that's your thing.