Over the past couple of years, sales of organic food in supermarkets have plummeted. This, predictably, has been put down to shoppers tightening their belts across the board.

But drive around the British countryside, and you’ll see something that suggests this might not be the case. Farm shops and small, independent organic grocers are booming, with more and more local producers tapping into the demand for good food, grown in ethical and sustainable ways. In recent times the big supermarkets’ wholesale trading methods have come under serious scrutiny and it would seem that consumers are voting with their wallets and shopping elsewhere.

So people might well be spending less at Tesco and Asda, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still buying good, organic, locally sourced food.

One example of such a new business is www.thornesfoods.co.uk, spotted by one of our roving reporters on a trip to the seaside recently.

It’s a new venture which brings the best local produce to the bustling streets of Brighton, and it's proving to be a big hit, not just with locals but with the thousands of tourists who’ve been enjoying that most rare of occurrences - a proper British summer.

All the food at Thorne’s is sourced from farms nearby, or from producers who have demonstrated their ethical and sustainable credentials to Thorne’s dedicated team of food lovers.

The on-site café will serve up the pick of the seasonal produce and the store is open 7 days a week for the best the British countryside can provide.

There's no online store (for fairly obvious reasons, when you think about it) but this is a website which brings the good food message to light in a thoroughly refreshing and modern way.

So if you’re heading down to Brighton, drop in. Hopefully we might see a few more stores like this opening up in other areas too.

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