We never really expected to be using the words Apple and karaoke in the same sentence, but the uber-cool company appears to be making a dive into the world of the sing along.

Diagrams contained within a recent patent application reveal how Apple could be planning to use the iPhone and iPod touch to help teach people to sing. The technology will act a bit like auto tune, bringing any musical mistakes into the correct pitch. 

Singing will be analysed by the handset and advice offered as to how you could bring things back into pitch. Mistakes made will be exaggerated by the handset whereas on pitch singing rewarded with a concert hall effect. Think of it like the way Rock Band boosts decent solos when you play them well. Even better, bad singing can be fuzzed by the system to hide mistakes when put through speakers.  

No news yet as to whether the new karaoke setup will be implemented in Garageband, but given the patent is intended for the iPod and iPhone, it could be we see the current iPad 2-only editing software headed to other Apple portables.

iTunes currently has its own karaoke section, with tracks by bands like MC Hammer included. Apple has, unfortunately, yet to comment on whether or not we will be able to nail "hammertime" in tune thanks to its new karaoke tech. Either way, expect plenty more people to be disturbing bus journeys home with auto-tuned singing once it launches.

Fan of karaoke?

Hunter Skipworth

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