There’s an old saying that cyclists like to wheel out every now and again: two wheels good, four wheels bad.

Having just spent £75 filling up the family car, £260 taxing it, £50 MOT-ing it, £250 servicing it, another £250 on two new tyres and even £20 having it cleaned (I was feeling extravagant) I think I wholeheartedly agree with them.

I’ve done a bit of biking in my time, both on and off road, and as the soaring costs of driving, and the slowly expanding waistline start to loom large, it’s time I got back on two wheels and hit the streets and the bridleways of this fair isle.

But where to ride?

Thankfully, has the answers. It’s a simple way to find good riding routes wherever you might be.

Search by location, geographical feature, distance - in fact, search by any term you like, and you’ll get a selection of tried and tested routes.

They range from the gentle afternoon relaxer to the balls out, all-day lung-bursters. The choice is yours.

So if you’re just looking for some new places to ride, or if, like me, you’ve been out of the saddle for while, bookmark this now.

Just go easy with the Lycra. And pack Savlon.

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