Only the most uber of gadgetry deserves to be allowed the chance to make an appearance in white form and this new TouchPad is no exception, boasting no less than 64GB of internal memory and a snappy 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

HP revealed the new incarnation of its tablet via its French TouchPad website. The white TouchPad complete with "plus de pouissance" looks like it might be sporting the same chip as the US 4G version of the tablet. It would make sense, as HP has told that the new device will be Europe only for the time being. 

The new blanc tablet is up for order on HP France now priced in at €599 and set to ship in one to two weeks. 

HP recently filed a set of six new trademarks all boasting the TouchPad name, including the TouchPad Pro, which we presume is what this new 1.5GHz 64GB iteration is. 

So double the memory and an extra blob of power for your TouchPad. We expect all that processor grunt will have WebOS running darn smooth.

Bizarre that HP would keep something so exciting under wraps, then again the Pre3 has just started making an appearance in the hands or those who put in pre-orders.

Fan of WebOS? We want to know!

Hunter Skipworth

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