My wardrobe is stuck in a bygone ear. And not in a kitsch, self-deprecating, post-ironic way either. No, I just can’t really be bothered to buy new clothes most of the time, so I end up with the same six faithful items of clothing (usually in a variety of neutral colours) and I wear them until they fall apart.,  on the other hand is a brilliant place to buy the latest new fashion trends and have them delivered to your door without the indignity of having to face those rake thin beautiful people who work in fashionable shops. You know the ones. They pretend to be offering you genuine advice, but all the time the voice inside their head is screaming “Just tell him to bugger off to Top Man!”

Nope, none of that here. Just great clothes, a no-fuss shopping experience, and £50 off your first order.

See you on the style pages people.

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