Japan's love of all things toilet based has reached new heights in the form of new urinal based games consoles from Sega.

"Competitors" can battle it out against each other via the power and amount of ahem.. material passed. You can also fight against previous high scores made earlier by other urinal users. It's about as quirky as it gets in Japan, with even the famed musical mp3 toilets not coming close to fully-fledged gaming urinals. 

Digitized information picked up on the toilets and produced this quite frankly brilliant video lowdown on the gaming loos. 

You would expect just one game to be enough when it comes to urinals, there are, however, a choice of different titles. Given the amount of time devoted to just about any game out in Japan, we expect it won't be long before a few urinal masters emerge. Plenty of water drinking likely resulting in the highest score.

No news from Sega whether the loos will be hitting the West, but we doubt it. If anyone spots one of these bad boys in the wild, though, should definitely let us know. 

Things are priced in at about 140,000 yen for one of the units, with a 10,000 yen price tag on individual games. Not cheap, but few can boast a urinal of such incredible power. We have already started saving.