UK based Motorola Xoom owners are to get themselves a tasty little Android 3.2 update this September. 

Currently our stateside cousins are basking in 3.2's app enlarging glory, with us Brits having to hold out on the update being pushed out OTA. 

UK Xoom owners already got a lot of the benefits of 3.2 in the US but in 3.1 form, namely the SD card functionality. 

The most exciting addition is the app zoom feature, which allows applications not designed for the bigger screen to be stretched to fill the tablet's larger display.

Given the differences between UK 3.1 and US 3.2, it is difficult to know exactly what the update will contain. 

A slightly overdue but welcome update to the Xoom. Plenty going on in Motorolaville at the moment, not least to mention the recently announced Googorola friendship. Still no exact date for the update unfortunately, but September is when things should get exciting. 

Fan of the Xoom? Or you an iPad kind of person?

Hunter Skipworth

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