Timed for the release of The Inbetweeners Movie today, Electronic Arts has parodied the film's trailer by remaking it using The Sims 3. And, unlike many games-related remakes, we've got to admit that EA has got the four main characters from the film (and hugely successful TV show) absolutely spot on.

Of course, as they all speak Simlish, you won't get prize nuggets as "briefcase wanker", "clunge" and "minge mobile", but it's worth it if only to allow us to write those words and phrases for the first and, most likely, the last time.

The movie itself is out in the UK now, and follows Simon (Joe Thomas), Will (Simon Bird), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison) as they head over on a lads holiday to Crete. And, should you not have seen the three series that precedes it, you can check out more of the colourful language on the unofficial fansite, theinbetweeners.org.uk.