Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is set to get a host of new features and titles over the coming months including wearable achievements for your avatar and in game add-ons.

The new features are set to arrive in Autumn and should help boost any changes made to the operating system via the Mango update. 

More games in the marketplace are set to include purchasable in game downloadable content. Microsoft points will be used to add extra bits and bobs to titles. There will also be new parental controls, preventing young ones from accessing things like Splinter Cell: Conviction, a soon to be released m-rated title.

Fast sync is the main gameplay improvement set to be carried out in the update. It should improve play speed in turn by turn multiplayer titles. 

The new avatar unlockables will arrive first in a yet to be released "chickens can't fly" title. Essentially they are achievements your avatar will don once unlocked so you can show them off to friends. 

Games-wise, there is a long list of new titles headed to the WP7 platform. Most exciting is the new Kinectimals Mobile and Bug Village, which looks like a sort of insect based real-time strategy game. For a full list of the new Windows Phone 7 games head over to the WP7 blog. 

No exact release dates as of yet for the new software. Mango however, which includes plenty of new Xbox Live features, has leaked onto the internet. Download at your own risk however, as removing yourself from the Redmond circle of trust will mean your might not get the latest version of the software when is is officially released. 

Hunter Skipworth

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