Those puny iPad speakers are good for a bit of portable music playback or gaming audio but don't do much in the volume or quality department. 

Taking your tablet outside or lugging it along to a party usually means music playback is squashed by background audio. Particularly irritating if you want to play a new musical discovery to mates or drive everyone mad by a lengthy rendition of Stairway to Heaven using Garage Band. 

Logitech has cooked up a rather nice £35 solution to the problem in the form of its Tablet Speaker, which clips onto your tablet and connects via a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The speaker itself is USB charged and has an internal battery, meaning you don't get the usual AA battery draining problems found in portable speakers. Expect around 8 hours of battery life depending on what you use the speaker for.

The audio booster is due for launch at the beginning of September.

Hunter Skipworth

The baby of the Lint team, Hunter has been a tech fan since he bought his first MiniDisc..and what a waste of money that was. He began writing about electronics at the age of 16 and hasn't stopped since. Nowadays he fulfils his mobile phone and gaming obsession whilst attempting to distract people from his bizarre name. Regular meetings with the Gladiators crew see Hunter often returning to work battered and bruised. Considers himself a music obsessive, was once the most highly decorated scout in the country. Fan of trousers.