Music makes the world go round, apparently, so we reckon that puts somewhere near the centre these days.

In this age of the all you can download and listen to musical feast, some kind of guidance is key, or you could end up wandering around the online landscape wallowing in the worst kinds of dirge and cacophony. You need a filter.

You can go to your usual sources of such things – newspapers, magazines, websites, even your muso mates – or you can take a chance yourself and just jump right.

Better still, you can trust the judgement of the army of music bloggers who really know their melodic onions and let Shuffler bring you internet radio based on what they’re listening to.

For the discerning ear, you need a discerning DJ, and Shuffler serves them up time and time again.

Choose your channel according to your tastes and let the good tunes roll.

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