APP OF THE DAY: Fantasy Premier Manager review (Android)

Playing fantasy football this season? You know the scenario. The first few months and it’s going fine. Your goalie’s tight, your midfield's assisting and your strikers are banging them in just as you’d planned. Then the one week you forget to do your spring cleaning, all your star players get injured and suddenly a low scoring 7 days dumps you down a the bottom of your mini-league in a slump that you fail to recover from. Season over. We’ve all been there and, although this app won’t stop that from happening, it’ll certainly help slim down the chances.

Fantasy Premier Manager (Android)




Probably the most popular fantasy football game out there is the official one from the PL itself. Now, while they’ve set up a mobile version of the site to help you access your squad when on foot, there’s no actual app available. The good news is that a chap by the name of Lee Jeary has made his own version for Android users to enjoy that works wonders so long as you have some kind of mobile connection.

You can use the software to do pretty much everything you need in the way of managing your team, making transfers and generally seeing to it that, just because you forget to make your substitutions before you left home, that it won’t ruin your game.

At the same time, this app is far from perfect. It’s buggy, prone to the odd crash and could do with a bit of an update to make sure that it brings up all the player details and histories when required and in a prettier way too. Fortunately, the core bits and pieces operate as they should and will see to it that you can make the changes you need to before it’s too late. You’re welcome to check out the lite version to see how it looks but it has next to zero functionality. Still, £1.49 isn’t so expensive.


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