To be honest, you've got to feel sorry for Levi's. When you storyboard, plan, budget and then film an advert featuring a stand-off against police, streets of hooded kids, protest marches and images of fire, you can hardly expect all of these things to suddenly become major news a mere few days after launching the campaign.

Plus, as some of the memorable images of the London riots feature teenagers pegging it from shop doorways, laden with... yep, you guessed it (no pun intended)... jeans, maybe it's best to pull the ad before it even got started.

That said, perhaps the situation has played right into Levi's hands, as, while it was pulled from television airings, the online version of its Levi's Legacy advert has gone viral. More of us will be likely to watch it now that it's been withdrawn. And if it wasn't for the subject matter, who would've watched a jeans ad on YouTube previously?

Come to think of it, we don't feel sorry for Levi's at all.

Funny though. Especially the accompanying strapline: "It's every person's legacy to make the world more to their liking. Now is our time. Go Forth!" And grab a pair of 501s while you're at it.

What do you think? Was Levi's wise to pull the ad? Let us know in the comments below...