What's this we have here? Some leaked action from the Apple website detailing the iPhone 5 in all of its (German) glory?

At first glance it appears so - but on closer inspection it's quite clear that not all is as it seems.

The renders look a little un-Apple-like and the writing declaring the iPhone 5 on the front splash page is definitely not one from the Cupertino font bank.

And the attention to detail is slightly array. At one point a 4-inch screen is mentioned, although in the detailed spec it states a 4.2-inch display. It may be a difference of just 0.2-inches but for a company obsessed with the minor details, this is a clear indication that this effort isn't the real deal.

And what's with the funky looking "Music" app button? That's certainly not what the iTunes logo on our iOS 5 device looks like.

That's not to say it's not a brilliant fake, because it is - with some fantastic Apple replication going on and some great specs predicted; 30 per cent thinner at 6.2mm and 18 per cent lighter at 112g, an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video shooting and a dual-core A5 chip.

Overall, we give this effort a B+. Excellent in parts, but must keep concentration up at all times and avoid silly errors.