The myriad ways we communicate with each other these days means that we’ve pretty must lost all control of standards. If you use email, text, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BBM, Google+ and (heaven forbid) the good old-fashioned phone, it’s entirely likely that you use each of them in a slightly different way.

You’ll use a different approach and a different tone of voice in your conversation. It’s unavoidable and, on the social spectrum at least, it doesn’t really matter.

But with email, which a lot of people use daily to do the bulk of their business correspondence, it’s a bit more important to think twice before hammering out your innermost thoughts and blindly hitting the send button.

At you’ll find 10 golden rules that will help you craft your emails to make them a joy to receive and read.

Some of it is just good manners and common sense, but it seems there’s a dire need for a refresher course for many.

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