The Nintendo 3DS woes continue, this time with alleged button warping on the handheld's D-pad. Pictures of the console's controls with peeling paint and buttons that looks like prunes have begun to emerge across the Internet

The problem began as an apparently isolated issue connected with the type of paint used on the 3DS. Photos of a single 3DS owner's device were posted showing warped buttons and paint. A second set of shots have now arrived that show very similar problems. 

This suggests that the paint used on the 3DS could be defective. What is not clear, however, is if the fraying and warping is caused by extremely lengthy periods of playtime, something much more difficult to design a product around. 

The 3DS has also had issues with a "black screen of death", which followed console crashes and demanded a restart. The problem only seemed to occur with titles like Super Street Fighter IV 3D and Super Monkey Ball 3D. 

Pocket-lint has had neither of the above issues with its own 3DS handheld. 

Any problems with your 3DS? Let us know...

Hunter Skipworth

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