A Twitter user has posted a picture of an alleged thief sat in front a pile of electronics, games and other swag looted during the weekend's riots in London.

The tweet reads: "He doesn't look too upset about Duggan. He is a thief, and I'm sure @Twitter can identify him #Tottenham #Enfield".

It has been retweeted more than 700 times since its posting yesterday and has begun to go viral across the social network. 

The picture shows a rather happy looking looter posing in front of a pile of games and electronics hardware. These include titles like Little Big Planet, Just Cause 2, Prototype and the Transformers movie. He has also acquired what looks like several tubs of Body Shop mango body butter.

The riots that began in London over the weekend were allegedly sparked by a police "attack" on a girl following protests outside a Tottenham police station. 

Social media played a central role in the conflict, some arguing that it helped bring further rioters and looters into the area. The topic #Enfield began trending on the website early on Sunday. 

Many are now taking to Twitter to share photographs of damage caused during the riots as well as track down those who were involved. 

BlackBerry's BBM messenger was also heavily involved in the riots, with a tweet allegedly being broadcast telling many to meet at Enfield station at 4pm yesterday

With so many people now having smartphones in their pockets, social media is rapidly becoming a means to crowd source and attract large numbers of people to one area. 

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Hunter Skipworth

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