Virgin Media plans on further bolstering its 3D on demand services with specially created content from Discovery 3D. 

The new videos will include programs based on natural history and engineering, as well as things like crime. The initial three-strong load of features to be available on demand will be relatively scary. The programs will follow paranormal detectives investigating ghosts and haunted houses.

The Discovery network recently made deals with Virgin Media and BSkyB to begin shooting dedicated 3D footage. Programs like 3D safari are planned along with a show called Beautiful Freaks filmed out in Namibia.

TV XL customers will find they gain access to the new features for free. They will sit alongside a rapidly growing selection of 3D content including things like Tron: Legacy and Despicable Me. 

Expect more 3D from Virgin Media as the service continues to grow. Don't forget those who wish to view the new Discovery 3D will need a 3D capable television.

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Hunter Skipworth

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