You know you’ve made it as a brand when other people start cashing in on variations of your name. Don’t get me wrong, derivation is a good thing, so I’m not knocking one bit. But it has to be more than a little heartwarming for Daniel Ek to know that adding “ify” to the end of anything somehow means that everybody knows that somewhere, it’s linked to his creation.

Yesterday, we featured Britify, which brings together the best of the BBC music playlist courtesy of Spotify.

Pitchify is another playlist generator, but this time it’s based on reviews of music from Pitchfork and Drowned In Sound, two of the most respected music sites out there.

If discovering new music is your thing, or even if it’s rediscovering old stuff that you’d forgotten about, this is a great way to just sit back, hit the play button and let the music flow.

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