Once upon a time there were many, many things that us Brits did that were the envy of the civilized world. Shipbuilding, for instance. Even our cars were once the models the most style conscious wanted to be seen in.

Not much of that is left. We still do queuing like nobody else, and our capacity to talk at length about the weather and the relative merits of the M6 toll road over the old M6, are legendary. Binge drinking and casual violence are also up there too.

But one thing that we definitely do better than just about anybody on the planet is radio, specifically music radio.

That’s because we have the BBC. Quality, commercial-free broadcasting with some of the best DJs and presenters around. With the advent of digital we have even more choice too.

So, it’s quite an achievement from somebody who’s found a way to make the BBC Radio output even better. At www.britify.com you can listen to Spotify playlists made up from the songs played on the Beeb’s airwaves.

We love this. Makes us proud to be Brits. For once...

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