BlackBerry went and got themselves all over-excited this morning releasing no less than five new handsets into the wild. 

Naturally, Pocket-lint was there to grab a glance at the new BlackBerry 7-powered devices, including the 9860, 9900 and 9810. Of the three the most interesting was by far the All Touch or 9860, which is the spiritual successor to the company's Storm range of handsets. 

Unusually for BlackBerry it features no QWERTY keyboard, instead relying entirely on the much speeded-up touch experience found on the new operating system. 

For those really interested in the 9860, Vodafone has gone and posted a nice sneak peek video detailing plenty of the handsets new features. It is definitely worth checking out, particularly for those who plan to pick one up when things start hitting shop shelves.

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