In possibly the most interesting press event Pocket-lint has attended in recent times, Samsung chose unique dining experience Dinner in the Sky as the setting to unveil its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the UK. Journalistic luminaries joined head honchos from the South Korean tech giant in checking out the new device on the eve of its consumer launch (3 August at PC World, Tottenham Court Road, London), and 2 days before it goes on general sale. All while hung 50 metres above the ground from a crane.

For those who aren't already aware, Dinner in the Sky is bonkers. The dining table, surrounding chairs, chefs and food are all hoisted up, while guests are firmly strapped into comfy sports car-style bucket seats. It's certainly a talking point, and not for the faint of heart. Those with vertigo need definitely not apply.

However, we loved it. As we do the Galaxy Tab 10.1. And while we were up there, we decided to test out the front and rear-facing cameras on the tablet, with the spectacular view of Tower Bridge in London as our inspiration.

The front camera is of the 2-megapixel variety, the rear 3-megapixels. We shot in both daylight and as the sun had set, and not using any artificial lighting. This is the result...

Please note that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 shoots in 720p, and we've uploaded the HD version to YouTube. However, obviously YouTube itself uses compression techniques, so any picture noise or pixelation may be the result of the uploading process, rather than the tablet.