Whether you like it or not (and we don’t really) celebrity gossip is big business. With the print media justifiably having their methods scrutinised at the moment, it’s no real surprise that online is now where you’ll find the latest celebrity tittle tattle.

The likes of Heat, OK and Closer have all turned successful print coverage into online hits, but they’re still mainly UK and soap based stories.

If you’re more interested in what the likes of the Hollywood A list are up to, you could try www.omgwire.com. It’s got it all. Scandal, intrigue and the latest rumours, but it’s packaged up in a slightly more credible way. It also covers the latest music and movie news.

It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, coffee or herbal infusion, obviously, but if you ever feel a bit left out during those watercooler moments, a few minutes here will brush up your celebrity credentials no end.

Now, back to the serious stuff…

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