The iPhone 4 price drops have begun in what could be a possible stock clearance in preparation for launch of a new Apple handset. 

The US has seen significant reductions in cost of the iPhone 4 at major shops like Radio Shack and Target. Trade-ins are now also being offered as an incentive to pick up one of the current generation Apple handsets to further draw customers in.

All this price reduction has helped debunk rumours that the iPhone 5 would be out in October, as current sales would suggest things are being prepared for a September release.

September would also mean that Apple could post its next quarter sales reports and include the iPhone 5, which will likely sell extremely well at launch. 

iPhone 5 hardware still remains largely unknown although we do expect to see plenty imported from the iPad 2, including the dual-core A5 chip from the tablet. Possible thinner form factor and a slightly larger display is also rumoured. A camera resolution jump is also likely.

iOS 5 will ship with the new Apple handset, bringing with it improved notifications and wireless syncing as well as added iCloud functionality. The new iOS is set to feature a large number of improvements and should help contribute to making the iPhone 5 even more exciting to consumers. 

Apple has remained traditionally quiet about the new iPhone 5 launch, ensuring that the rumour mill almost implodes in the build up to release. When exactly that will be however, is difficult to say. 

Hunter Skipworth

The baby of the Lint team, Hunter has been a tech fan since he bought his first MiniDisc..and what a waste of money that was. He began writing about electronics at the age of 16 and hasn't stopped since. Nowadays he fulfils his mobile phone and gaming obsession whilst attempting to distract people from his bizarre name. Regular meetings with the Gladiators crew see Hunter often returning to work battered and bruised. Considers himself a music obsessive, was once the most highly decorated scout in the country. Fan of trousers.