Firefox, that speedy stalwart of the browser savvy, is set for a revamp according to screens posted by Mozilla designer Stephen Horlander. 

All manner of things been stripped back, bringing a sleek and minimal look in keeping with browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. 

Firefox might have been cool back in the noughties, but now we're in the next decade, people tend to like their browsers as simple in design as possible. 

There is no way this new Firefox design is guaranteed however, the screen shots are simply mockups shown at a company meeting and by no means final.

TechCrunch is reporting that the mockups have, however, been well received and that given Mozilla's rapid 18-week release cycle the new design could be implemented sooner than we think. 

The search bar has now gone all Google Chrome, incorporating itself directly into the browser's search and URL entry combo. There is also now a common tasks tab that allows you to copy, paste and quickly access extensions. 

Those who fancy checking out all the screenshots can head here

Don't forget, Firefox is currently playing catchup with Chrome, which was announced as the UK's second most popular browser yesterday. So expect plenty of wacky designs while the company nails what is presumably a new strategy. 

Hunter Skipworth

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