If you've been in the UK over the past day or so, you'll have noticed some big news. No, not the phone hacking, or the latest on Cheryl Cole's domestic arrangements, not even another royal wedding. Nope. The big news is that summer has finally arrived and so, as is tradition, we've all gone slightly potty.

We're bunking off and heading to the coast in our thousands, and for many that inexorable draw of the sea is impossible to resist. A fact borne out by the fact that, despite the faltering economy, the sales of boats are surprisingly, er, buoyant.

At www.boatshed.com you can see the latest models on the market, from the other-worldly super yachts of the rich and infamous, through the iconic canal boats of yesteryear, to the slightly more within reach cruisers and pleasure boats. If you’re already a master of the waves this is also the place to come to sell your boat.

Each vessel has its own extensive gallery, taken by the Boat Shed brokers themselves, so you can really see what's on offer, and with 54 offices around the world, you're sure to find a little slice of nautical heaven near you. 

Or a large one, if that's what floats your boat (sorry...).

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