It looks like Australia is going to miss out on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 thanks to the never-ending patent battles the company is having with Apple. 

Apple and Samsung have agreed to cease advertising and sales of the new tablet in Australia until the lawsuit ends or the courts approve of Samsung's device.

Apple lawyers believe the new Samsung tablet could infringe as many as ten separate iPad patents. Apple would have to pay an unknown amount of money due to the time wasted in court and profits lost by Samsung if the company were to lose.

Samsung was the company that actually begun the import bans which Apple is rumoured on planning to extend beyond the reaches of Australia. The Korean manufacturer requested a ban on iDevices from the United States International Trade Commission. 

Samsung plans on granting Australia different versions of the new Samsung tablet which Apple will be allowed to look at prior to its launch down under. 

Both sides have begun to fight dirty in the tablet battle by the looks of it, desperate to secure the throne in what remains a relatively undeveloped, but potentially lucrative market. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is due to launch 4 August in the UK.

Hunter Skipworth

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