Lots of things from the eighties have made an unwelcome return lately. Leg warmers, deely boppers, Rick Astley, and the economy heading for the toilet faster than last night’s chicken vindaloo.

One thing we’ve quite enjoyed seeing come back though, is the printed T-shirt. It was the height of sophistication in 1983 to strut your stuff wearing a tiger’s head or a Lamborghini Countach on your chest. Think of a classic Athena poster and imagine it on a T-shirt – that was the look.

Thankfully, it’s been updated, but the gorgeous printed T-shirt range you’ll find at youreyeslie.com manages to be retro and cutting edge contemporary at the same time.

We love the galaxy prints and the random cartoon stuff too.

The only potential drawback side to this hot trend of the summer is that we’re not sure if we’re allowed to blow the dust off our Level 42 and Go West tour T-shirts…

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