Pocket-lint has managed to get its grubby mits on a pair of screenshots from the never-before-seen Cut The Rope sequel. 

Sources inform us that the new Om Nom-based app will feature a twist on the original's rope cutting gameplay. Also included will be a set of brand new characters as well as plentiful links to the Om Nom comic.

As of yet the actual name of the application remains unknown, Pocket-lint has learned, however, that it is set to go live very soon. 

The screens show Om Nom reaching its hand into a jar, with the text "professor's album" written behind. We can only presume this means new gameplay involves well..the professor..and getting sweets out of difficult to reach places. There is also going to be an obvious science theme going on. The second picture shows Om Nom's box turning up outside what is presumably the professor's house. 

The original Cut The Rope remains one of the biggest selling applications of all time, with the free version coming close to 25 million downloads, the paid topping 8 million. 

Expect Pocket-lint to have more on the new application soon.

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Hunter Skipworth

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