Once upon a time, if you met an attractive young maiden who’s toothsome charms tickled your fancy, you’d say to her "write to me”. A few hundred years later, that became “call me”.

Not that long ago, it turned to “text me” or “mail me” or (easily the lowest point of human interaction) “poke me”.

The never-ending, unstoppable march of evolution continues, and so now we have scanme.com.

Yes, that’s right, it’s now become socially acceptable to actually scan people. You can order your own personal barcode and stick that on any flat surface you care to share with the world. T-shirts, business cards, coffee mugs - you name it, you can stick your QR code on it and let other people scan it with their smartphones. This leads to a new way of connecting with people.

Our biggest worry, apart from it becoming socially acceptable to go round taking picture of strangers’ chests, is that at some point very soon, some bright spark will have their code tattooed on to their flesh somewhere.

At that point, science fiction has crossed the line into science fact, God help us.

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