Yeah, we know this has been around for a couple of weeks, but we've decided to post the video of 2D Photography's incredible Rube Goldberg machine because there's currently a debate on whether the creator is a Nikon or Canon fan.

An eagle-eyed viewer has spotted that the lens hit by a hammer at the start is a Canon one, whereas all the others used are Nikon.

Er, that's it. That's the basis of the argument. Erm...

Okay, you've caught us out. We don't really have a valid excuse for posting the clip this late other than the fact that it's fricking awesome (including the shout out to OK Go! in the form of wooden dolls). And surely that should be enough.

Pocket-linter Paul has also pointed out that it reminds him of Pob, the 80s children's TV show, as the end sequence was like a rudimentary Rube Goldberg machine.

We worry about Paul.

What's your favourite Rube Goldberg machine video? Let us know in the comments below...