Once upon a time, man built a mud hut when he couldn’t find a cave to shelter in. Then he carved a window to let some light in and a chimney to let the smoke from his fire out. He painted scenes of his life on the wall (with woman choosing the colour schemes, naturally.)

Architecture was born, and it’s moved on quite a bit in the last 10,000 years or so.

These days the streets we wander aimlessly through are littered with some of the finest works of art the world has ever seen. From fine Regency palaces to great glass edifices - our buildings are both the past and the present nestled next to each like mismatched lovers.

At www.openbuildings.com you can learn about the world’s finest buildings, and their new apps put discovering the world of architecture in the palm of your hand. You’ll discover the nearest architectural gems in an instant and you can share your favourite places with other users too.

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